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Shikibuton- Organic thin cotton mattress


Shikibuton is a japanese thin mattress (4") used on the floor or on tatami mats. Our organic Shikibuton is best experienced on slats.  

Check out our Video review of the Shikifuton to get a closer look.  

We offer a sample of the shikibuton, select MINI from size dropdown.


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Thin cotton organic mattress, shikibuton like made in Japan.


affordable organic mattress

Our Shikibuton is made for organic sleeping retaining the core construction of an Asian cotton mattress. If you are comparing organic cotton to non-organic cotton, the one factor to remember is cotton is by far the largest user of pesticide across all crops.  Most cotton mattresses will have a musty smell, this is due to the non organic cotton and mixing chemical fills like polyester fibers. 


Organic Wool

All our organic cotton mattress are made with wool, this made in japan style shikibuton is also from Portland organic wool. The original shikibuton does not have any wool hence when they are imported into US there is a chemical layer of fire sock added. Our shiki mattress passes fire standards by using natural wool, which is not just premium but also expensive. We do also do not have to use poly foam boric acid to meet fire tests, these are pure shikibutons even better than those made in Osaka.  The wool is not  virgin wool or Joma wool but 100% certified organic wool blended from multiple sheep breeds. Wool is  resitant to moisure and ensure heat is disspirated evenly, it is very good for allergies. 


back pain mattress

The top layer of the shiki is an organic cotton canvas fabric imported from India, this is truly how cotton mattress are made and need to be slept on. The finish is a bit rough yet soft, made like a canvas and it is absolutely sturdier than tickings or fabric found on other mattress. If you read our description of the Japanese organic futon or Indian cotton mattress, you know that it is a beautiful GOTS organic cotton ticking.The wool is layered behidn the ticking and ensures a soft backing to the fabric. 

Just like in Japan and India, shiki is... 


Just like our thicker cotton mattress, these are also handmade and made to order.  This is a two sided mattress, which means you can flip it over for the same comfort and same feel. There is a heavy duty zipper running across one side of the mattress that gives you a view of the filling inside, note this cover cannot be removed.  There are multiple hand stitched threads on top, also called tufts, that help to hold the cotton wadding and the wool together. Cotton mattresses are known to lump up hence this ensure a continous smooth surface that does not shift. We always share the guidance that retain the life of your mattress by layering on an organic cotton mattress pad.  

Thin cotton mattressshikibuton  cotton

firm mattress


Our 4" thinner shikibuton (organic shiki futon) can be used to relieve back pain.
There are studies on how Indians use this ergonomic mattress shown to help lower back issues.
Cotton futons are normally used on used on ventilated tatami mats or with narrow hard slats. 
Always consult a medical provider as this is not meant to cure a disorder or disease. 


Most certified organic futon cotton mattressOrganic Latex  Non GMO mattress  Organic mattress  Organic wool

Free ship

Free Shipping 

We ship all our products, for no cost, it totally free. Given this is a natural mattress, we do not offer any returns and for that reason we provide a mini or sample mattress that you can try to be sure this will meet your sleep needs. 

Mini futon

FREE Sample, refunded after sale

We provide a sample mattress to experience our organic build and the premium quality, select MINI from dropdown. The price of the order is credited to your account and can be refunded towards a future cotton mattress purchase. This mini can be used as a spare pillow or a yoga seat.

Warranty5-Year Warranty and 90 Day Exchange

We can assure you that the futon organic mattress will last beyond ten years, if you maintain it well. Our Warranty is for 5 years and we offer a 90 Day Comfort Exchange which can be initiated 15 days following the original delivery date of your mattress. Read about our warranty and exchange policy is here.

Affordable price

Unbeatable Prices

Our passion is to get more people sleeping on natural mattress, truly believe in this. So we want to make this healthy choice affordable for you, we can almost promise you that finding another mattress at our price for our quality will be difficult. 

Organic mattress queen  All US sizes -Organic cotton futon mattress in King, Cal King, Queen, Double/Full, Twin XL and Twin. 
organic bed  Mattress is weighed - Given its natural fibers, our organic futon is filled by weight and hence the height may vary by a few inches. 

FAQs : Futons, Shikibutons

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How is the mattress packed in the shipping box ?
Should we remove the mattress immediately?
How heavy are the organic cotton futon mattresses?
What is the return policy? Can I get a full refund if I don’t like it?
Can I buy it on other online retail shops?
There are popular memory foam mattresses online with free trial nights, why should we buy a cotton mattress?
We have allergies in our family, how is cotton and wool mattress for allergies?
Is this mattress cover removable for cleaning, how do we protect it?
How should the mattress be placed?
Where can I read more about cotton, wool and fire safety?
How can we avoid any bacterial or mico-organism growth?
Given its a natural wool mattress, should we expect dust mite ?

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