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Firm Latex mattress - natural latex foam, reversible to soft.

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Firm natural latex mattress, medium-firm on the other side.  Online in 5" or 9" height, this organic cotton and dunlop latex is the best green foam bedding.


The only natural latex mattress with organic cotton and two sides- hard/firm and low firm. This hybrid mattress can be turned depending on your firmness preference, we make it firm and add a medium firm option. Organic cotton ticking is used to make this 2-sided bedding with varied density dunlop latex foams. 

The thin 5" latex mattress is very popular with customers who want it for a trundle bed or buying a latex topper or if they need a low height mattress for back pain or ergonomic reasons. We provide our rubber foam latex mattress in the below configuration-

  • Firm- 85 Density, ILD 34. This comprises 6" in a 9 inch mattress and 2" in a 5 inch mattres. 
  • Medium/Soft firmness- 65 Density, ILD 23. This fills up 2" in a 9 inch bedding and 2" in a 5 inch mattress.

latex flippable firm mattress

best firm latex mattress

We do not add other materials to elevate hence everything is fully natural foam. Some mattress providers include layers of cheaper foams, non natural latex (dunlop is natural) or spring/coils to create the height profile. The fire barrier in this mattress is not fully organic wool but a sock made from Rayon, silk, wool etc. The outer ticking and sock contributes more than 1 inch to the mattress height. 

Mattress have inundated our online shopping and media waves that its is very confusing. If you were to chose a specific fill in your bedding mattress, we will guide you to a natural latex mattress as we expounded at the link. We price our latex mattress very affordable and the reason is that our passion is natural mattress, we are not in this for the business but for the motive to help families sleep on natural sleep surfaces. You can read more about our promise that comes from our organic mattress passion

Our natural latex mattress are manufactured in the sizes of King, Cal King, Queen, Double/Full, Twin XL and Twin. 


sglandon(Amazon Reviewer)
Makes for a great guest bed! It's customizable (firm side and so

After doing a lot of research to find a great mattress for our guest bed, I have found the one! This mattress is firm and supportive without feeling like you're on a solid slab of wood AND without feeling bouncy and trampoline-like (like some firm mattresses I tested in-store.) It was easy to un-wrap and install, and I didn't notice any odors. If our guest prefers to use the softer side of the mattress, we'll flip it over accordingly to the other side, which is cool!
I was skeptical buying a mattress online and without trying it out but Bed and Wood was prompt in responding to my questions. They also provide small samples of the mattress on-request.

    Maria Martinez (Amazon Reviewer)
    Five stars

    Nice product. Firm is firm enough and price is good.

      Jojo (Amazon Reviewer)
      The Soft/Hard reversible sides is a pleasant surprise

      Few things get as tough as buying a mattress. Do you buy soft ones or hard ones? Plus - The reason I bought this mattress is that it is two sided - One side is hard and the other is soft. Am using the soft side at present. Feels good. Doesn't sink in. Compared to the "Hardness Number" mattresses this is far less expensive.
      Minus - I believe it is not going to be easy turning a mattress bottom side up - you definitely would need help other than removing fitted sheets etc. But the very thing you have an option during days when you have a sore back, makes it a good buy.
      Comparable to a spare tire - its very existence is comforting even though you might use it sparingly.

        Rahul, R (Amazon Reviewer)
        Firm and better than coil mattress

        Bought through their website, is firm and has a much better feel than the spring mattress we had for our queen. We did not try the soft side as we prefer firm, price was the lowest in our internet search. Overall happy so far.

          Jennifer M
          Good price

          Called to place order and spoke to the owner, very helpful. Like the 5" mattress, its perfect for our guest twin bed.

            Bella Wynn
            Back pain latex

            We have bought at Sealys before through mall stores, the mattress is different but for this price this is great. Hubby had back issues so we tried this firm mattress, early to tell if it will help but its comfortable.

              Himanshu A
              Very good!

              This latex mattress is a very good option at this price, firm side is what we like.

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              Firm Latex mattress - natural latex foam, reversible to soft.

              Firm Latex mattress - natural latex foam, reversible to soft.

              Firm natural latex mattress, medium-firm on the other side.  Online in 5" or 9" height, this organic cotton and dunlop latex is the best green foam bedding.

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