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Pure Latex mattress - sleep on firm latex foam or soft.

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All natural latex mattress that has two sides so you can sleep firm or soft, you decide. Organic cotton based fabric and pure latex foam(no filler foams) makes this the most affordable latex mattress. Innovative thin 5" height for bunk beds and RV beds and a standard 9" profile, available in bed sizes of King, Queen, Twin etc.

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Reversible natural latex mattressTWO SIDED FIRM MATTRESS 

Having thoughts about what is the right level of firmness, we made it easy this is is a reversible dunlop latex mattress. In most foam mattresses online, you will have to chose a one sided single density foam. Maybe you tried a firm mattress in store or on a trip but are nt sure what was the density of the foam. With a Simaya mattress, depending on your firmness preference, you can start with one side. If after many nights you feel its not to your liking, reverse it and you get a plusher sleep surface or a harder mattress.  

Latex foam from dunlop method100% DUNLOP LATEX -FIRM & LONG LASTING

There are two mainstream methods of processing latex but there are far more opinions on which method is better. We use rubber foams made from the dunlop method as we love the firmness and fullness from this process. Dunlop latex is also more dense and considered more durable. Generational wisdom also suggests that this is the best latex to use given it has been validated by many decades of human sleep. We use both the firm latex and soft latex foams from Sri Lankan farms that use the dunlop method for generations. 

Organic Cotton Fabric tickingORGANIC COTTON FABRIC 

The outer cover is made from organic cotton and this ticking has such a delightful touch, it fully completes the premium sleep experience. We have elegant green piping running across this eco friendly latex mattress to provide a beautiful contrast with the off white organic fabric. Organic cotton logo is embossed across the length of the fabric that elevates its natural look. There are handles that support the weight of the mattress and firmness tags that guide you to the type of foam under the cotton fabric. The mattress is completely stitched so it does not shift during its long usage, this fabric cover cannot be removed in order to retain its shape. 

THIN LATEX MATTRESSRV mattress from latex 

Thin mattresses are very versatile, maybe you have a need for a wooden bunk bed or a RV bed that has a low profile. Alternately you may be looking for a a low profile sleeping surface to help with your back pain or like one our customers want to save space to store a thinner mattress guest bed under a larger bed available. Whatever be your reason, one of the few all natural latex mattress online with a 4" latex foam layer hence providing you a sleep option at the price of a latex topper. The best part, even this is made reversible.


Ergonomic latex mattress firm


Natural fire mattress cover


We use a high loft fire safety cover made from rayon, silica, etc that goes under the cotton fabric.
Our customers ask us for a non wool mattress for heat or allergy issues with wool. 
Just  pure latex foam mattress similar to big brands, keeps this affordable yet safe.
Cool mattress


All natural latex mattress help you sleep cooler than synthetic foam  eg., polyurethane foam.
Latex has an open cell structure that helps airflow and its pin holes enhances the circulation.
Most memory foams or PU foams have closed cells, making it hotter due to thermal trap.
firm mattress


Latex is known to help with back pain especially with a firm latex mattress.
A firm slat or wooden base will ensure support and keep it from sagging. 
Always consult a medical provider, this is not meant to cure a disorder or disease. 


Free ship Free Shipping  We ship all our products, for no cost, it totally free. Given this is a natural mattress, we do not offer any returns and for that reason we provide a mini or sample mattress that you can try to be sure this will meet your sleep needs. 

Roll packed

Rolled and compressed
Our mattress are finished, compressed, vacuum packed and then rolled. This packaging reduces the volume and space but will expand to shape within an hour. Unlike a foam mattress, this is actual real natural rubber tree sap hence it never loses weight during packing.

5 Year Warranty

30 nights free trial, 5-Year Warranty

We offer a free trial of 30 days for our natural latex mattress, if you do not like it send it back and we will refund the purchase cost. Return shipping will not be borne by us given our bargain price. Latex mattresses will last almost 20+years, if you maintain it well.  Read about our warranty and free nights policy here.

Bargain discountDiscounted Prices Our passion is to get more people sleeping on natural mattress, truly believe in this. So we want to make this healthy choice affordable for you, we have no middlemen and ship direct from factory. 
King, Twin, Queen, Full, Cal-King  All US sizes -Organic cotton futon mattress in King, Cal King, Queen, Double/Full, Twin XL and Twin. 
organic bed  Dense and heavy Latex foam is heavy so please use caution while relocating this. It will be easier to move before it expands fully. 



Theodora W 01/24/2018
My review is definitely 5 stars

Your concern , explanations, and service were truly the best that I have ever encountered. And the mattress is excellent: comfortable and fits the bill for only 5" thick so that it can be stored easily when I am not visiting in California.
Thank you more than I can say for your excellent product and superb , caring service.

    sglandon(Amazon Reviewer) 01/07/2018
    Makes for a great guest bed! It's customizable (firm side and so

    After doing a lot of research to find a great mattress for our guest bed, I have found the one! This mattress is firm and supportive without feeling like you're on a solid slab of wood AND without feeling bouncy and trampoline-like (like some firm mattresses I tested in-store.) It was easy to un-wrap and install, and I didn't notice any odors. If our guest prefers to use the softer side of the mattress, we'll flip it over accordingly to the other side, which is cool!
    I was skeptical buying a mattress online and without trying it out but Bed and Wood was prompt in responding to my questions. They also provide small samples of the mattress on-request.

      Maria Martinez (Amazon Reviewer) 01/02/2018
      Five stars

      Nice product. Firm is firm enough and price is good.

        Jojo (Amazon Reviewer) 12/31/2017
        The Soft/Hard reversible sides is a pleasant surprise

        Few things get as tough as buying a mattress. Do you buy soft ones or hard ones? Plus - The reason I bought this mattress is that it is two sided - One side is hard and the other is soft. Am using the soft side at present. Feels good. Doesn't sink in. Compared to the "Hardness Number" mattresses this is far less expensive.
        Minus - I believe it is not going to be easy turning a mattress bottom side up - you definitely would need help other than removing fitted sheets etc. But the very thing you have an option during days when you have a sore back, makes it a good buy.
        Comparable to a spare tire - its very existence is comforting even though you might use it sparingly.

          Jennifer M 12/20/2017
          Good price

          Called to place order and spoke to the owner, very helpful. Like the 5" mattress, its perfect for our guest twin bed.

            Bella Wynn 12/13/2017
            Back pain latex

            We have bought at Sealys before through mall stores, the mattress is different but for this price this is great. Hubby had back issues so we tried this firm mattress, early to tell if it will help but its comfortable.

              Himanshu A 11/30/2017
              Very good!

              This latex mattress is a very good option at this price, firm side is what we like.

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              Pure Latex mattress - sleep on firm latex foam or soft.

              Pure Latex mattress - sleep on firm latex foam or soft.

              All natural latex mattress that has two sides so you can sleep firm or soft, you decide. Organic cotton based fabric and pure latex foam(no filler foams) makes this the most affordable latex mattress. Innovative thin 5" height for bunk beds and RV beds and a standard 9" profile, available in bed sizes of King, Queen, Twin etc.

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