More you know, less you will sleep

Sleeping on non-natural mattresses was painful for us, and we struggled to find truly natural ones. These struggles are the bedrock of our company today. The mattress you can popularly buy today are mostly made from petroleum based foams, steel springs to styrofoam insulation. There is so much unknown in the mattress you buy, we want to keep it simple- be able to rest every night on a bed made out of natural fibers. There is no such thing as the best sleeping surface because everyone has their own preference but the possibility to make that choice with natural materials is where we started. We want to give common sense a chance, lets use what generations of humans have used without any back or sleep issues related to their mattress? Why take a risk inhaling chemicals with 7 hours of our sleep?

We hope that you are able to enjoy sleeping on a natural bed bought from us or others. Whether you like to live hard, enjoying big adventures and outdoor activities or you're a naturista wanting to be more deeply connected with the earth, we think sleeping on a natural surface is a good way to spend your precious resting time.