Why Bed and Wood ?

1. Fully transparent- We hide nothing and are passionate about natural sleep materials. 
2. No boric acid in our cotton mattress. Please check and ask how mattresses pass fire tests. 
3. Know your wool- we put 100% organic wool in our cotton mattress, these are expensive and high quality. 
4. Our signature latex bed have fire socks to help consumers with wool concerns and allergies.
5. We keep our margins low and prices very competitive to help you afford a superior quality product. 

Where do we make our products?

All organic mattress are made in Northwest USA. The products come with the most complete organic certifications in the industry.

Our 8" and 4" latex beds are made in Southeast USA. Organic cotton ticking, fire sock made from rayon and 100% Natural latex from Sri Lanka.

Organic materials, certifications

USDA Organic Cotton, wool, and latex. 
Organic LatexGlobal Organic Latex Standard.
Non GMOCotton, Latex and Wool.
Organic woolWool.
Texas organic cottonCotton, where its grown.

We mention in our product if it is fully organic, the above indicate authenticity for those products.