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Organic futon mattress or Indian cotton mattress

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Organic cotton futon made like in Japan. An Indian style mattress (gaddha) at 8 inch height, made with organic wool.

We have a sample futon - select MINI from size dropdown.


Chemical free futon mattress


affordable organic mattress

There are organic futon mattress, with mix of cotton and other layers.  Organic cotton futons are made with eliminating polyester fill or chemically processed cotton, that most Indian mattress are made with . Cotton is most notorious across all crops for the use of pesticides. Farmers suffer from ill health just from pesticide usage in cotton farms.  Cotton is also not inexpensive so futon mattresses are layered with industrial foam, sometimes companies confuse consumers with unique cotton batting names.  Organic cotton futon is an ideal natural mattress for your back and for your health by not inhaling fumes. Our 100% organic futon has long length staple fibers instead of smaller strands found in regular cotton mattress or also called a desi gaddha mattress.  These can be paired with a cotton pillow of organic kapok so you are safe from VoC fumes all through the night. 


Futon in Organic Cotton

Organic futons eliminate the need for fire retarding layers that is required in US mattress by using the highest quality organic wool. Japanese futons are not organic as they likely use boric acid or a layer of chemicals to pass fire test. While we use 100% organic wool for fire safety, it is below the organic cotton fabric. Organic Wool mattresses are meant to provide a luxurious feeling of bounce and comfort. Wool is water resisting and heat regulating, therefore gives this organic cotton futon a beautiful upgrade. The organic wool is what makes this the best Japanese organic futon mattress, possibly the gold standard of natural mattresses.  


Organic futon mattress start with a organic cotton canvas ticking, this is a soft fabric that envelopes the core. It provides you a natural feel with a touch of class, elegantly suited for a handmade high-end finish. Organic cotton twill is as strong and durable as regular cotton, its removed from the weaving process before bleaching and finishing that other fabrics undergo. The material has a natural sheen that is very different from polyester based soft fabric you will find in foam and other bed in box matttresses. This fabric brings out the chemical free futon mattress very well. The backing quilt that is ahead of the wool is also stitched with a organic cotton material. It is an important part of the product and is very thin but holds the wool in place, this too continues the nature of organic cotton futon mattress. 

authentic organic futon

Organic futon mattress essentially provide enough firmness after being initially soft. In India, it is common to use these mattresses on a hard wooden bed either a flat surface or a slatted base. Organic japanese futons are normally placed on tatami mats as its is laid on floors.  

While the Asian way of sleeping on cotton mattress was not meant for a specific type of sleeper, this medium firm cotton mattress suits side sleepers or back sleepers.  They provide the required firmness and support to your back, shoulders and legs so most sleeping profiles will adapt to this beautifully.

Given that this is a natural fiber, it will contour to your body curves. If it’s a very heavy person then the cotton will get compressed faster and if there is an issue of comfort, we reccomend a 2" latex foam or topper below the cotton mattress.


Indian bed

Cotton requires breathing and ventilation. Futons go perfectly on wider slats or platform beds or on a japanese tatami mat.

FAQs : Organic Futon Mattress

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Given its a natural wool mattress, should we expect dust mite ?



Jason H 02/11/2019
Very well done organic bed

Being on another side of the coast, it was difficult to know the futon but the owner worked with us across many months as we took time to decide

    Louis G 01/28/2019
    Nice sample, but main order took time

    The sample was great and got a larger mattress with protector but it took too long. Sid was helpful but had to cancel in the end.

      Faeterri S 11/07/2018
      Great service

      My new mattress is VERY comfortable indeed! I am expecting many years of restful sleep. Peace and take care.

        Aditi V 10/18/2018
        Twin japanese shiki

        reviewing this after 3 months of use- we are enjoying our mattress. Sample mattress has ideal firmness, the regular one becomes less hard with use.

          Sacha F 09/19/2018
          Incredibly comfortable to sleep on

          The futon itself is wonderfully made. It is incredibly comfortable to sleep on. I think the only thing that I am somewhat displeased with is how much the sheep's wool smells of sheep. The adjustment period for me was only a day and I continue to feel my back strengthening and have not had back issues since sleeping on the futon. !

            Nikhil M 08/17/2018
            Best sleep ever since so long

            Received the mattress couple of days ago and had the best sleep ever since so long.
            Maybe the amount of cotton in the mattress would have been more thick. But time will tell how it holds up. Thanks and appreciate all the co-ordination.

              Amrita R 06/29/2018
              Great sample to order a mattress

              Firstly, the outer casing is of durable, thick cotton, which is smooth and would last a long time. The thread used for tufting is also of fine quality cotton, and the stitches reflect good craftsmanship. The sample is constructed as a 12" by 12" mini mattress, and is provided with a zip on the side (a thoughtful addition) through which one can see the actual filling - it is cotton, with no artificial smell whatsoever. The filling is compacted well, I would say there is no room for more cotton inside! This is a good thing as cotton mattresses flatten out a little over use.
              Overall, this sample meets all the requirements of a cotton mattress that I had expected. One can reasonably expect, based on the sample, that the actual mattress is going to provide a firm sleep experience that a cotton mattress provides.

                Vinaya Rao 01/22/2018
                Organic for kids

                The twin is used for teen daughters room, feels natural and cotton has a nice woodsy aroma. She wants to take it to college!

                  Aarti S 06/03/2016
                  Good for a tired back

                  Great quality product, for organic wool it was cheapest price.

                  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                  Kalpana s 05/12/2016
                  Feels like home!

                  Mattress is similar to what I grew up sleeping in unlike foam brands, recommend their service.

                  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
                  Revathi R 05/10/2016
                  Cotton and wool mattress

                  Nice cotton organic mattress! Balances comfort and firmness.

                  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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                  Organic futon mattress or Indian cotton mattress

                  Organic futon mattress or Indian cotton mattress

                  Organic cotton futon made like in Japan. An Indian style mattress (gaddha) at 8 inch height, made with organic wool.

                  We have a sample futon - select MINI from size dropdown.

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                  6. All  mattress are made in  USA. Our cotton wool mattress comes with the most complete organic certifications in the industry.

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