Firm latex in cotton futon
  • Firm latex in cotton futon
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  • 8" Organic Cotton with mix of latex and wool

Organic Latex, Organic Cotton & Organic Wool Mattress 8"

Organic latex foam mattress along with organic cotton fill. This natural dunlop latex bedding is popular with sleepers that prefer soft cotton with a firm natural rubber layer. 

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Latex mattresses can be firm on its own but when surrounded by a soft layer of cotton and US wool, you will love the feel.  These are handmade state side with the height being ~9" thick when new, over time they will compress to ~ 7" with use. The beautiful blend of latex foam with natural fibers in cotton, wool gives a mattress that cannot be replicated in a factory made foam or spring filled mattress. The latex in this mattress is ~4 inches with 4" of cotton batting filling the top, bottom sides. Outside of that, there is roughly 1/2"-1" of wool batting before the cotton ticking. All natural materials are by weight except latex which is a natural foam hence the height may be lower or higher within a 1" tolerance depending on humidity and if its been kept rolled.

All the materials are certified organic but there is more to it. These mattress are made in Global Organic Textile Standard certified workshops using 100% GOTS certified organic wool, as of 2016 there were only 2 such certified centers in their list.  It is easier to get organic materials in a mattress but to make the mattress in an organic shop floor and with no hidden chemicals is what makes our mattress truly organic.

All our mattress from natural fibers will require you to have a vented bottom to ensure free flow of air and to provide a firm support to your back or sides. We recommend using wide boards/slats or modern box frames not that have such construction underneath their exterior sheath. These mattresses are built for a minimum of 10 years assuming you maintain them with care. In reality, most natural mattresses will last a life time but their thickness will tend to deteriorate as age goes. These mattresses will benefit from flipping so that body indentations are spread out. 

Australian researchers found that sleep quality is improved with wool and compared it to polyster.  At Bed and Wood, our passion is to mix modern research outcomes with the great natural living from the past-this healthy mattress epitomizes this. At Bed and Wood, you will find pillows and mattress pads that will help provide a complete natural package to your bedroom. Please purchase a mattress pad with a mattress to ensure your warranty. 

Organic LatexNon GMOOrganic wool USDA Organic

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