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Our natural toppers, mattress, pillows and pads are made from absolutely the best quality materials. Our organic products are manufactured by our supplier in Seattle and raw materials are sourced from various suppliers based in the USA and with the required certification for each product.

Natural latex

What goes into our products?

  1. Organic cotton ticking: The outer cover of the mattress, ticking, is made from a a 7oz twill fabric that is produced from completely pure organic cotton yarn. Our fabrics come from a variety of suppliers with GOTS or relevant organic certification.
  2. Organic cotton batting : The inner core filling of cotton, batting, is composed of atleast 60% staple fibers and 40% mote. We are moving to suppliers that provide almost full staple (highest quality of cotton) to ensure a very beautiful sleep experience. We source our cotton from Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Coop that are garnetted into batting by suppliers associated with them.
  3. Latex: The GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified Dunlap processed latex comes from Sri Lanka and India.
  4. Wool : There is both natural wool raised in most of USA and New Zealand wool in the products. Depending on the type of mattress, you will find the wool type mentioned in the description.
  5. We always remain true to our offer of affordable, healthy and natural.
  6. Any further questions, please email at [email protected].