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Organic Mattress protector | 100% cotton only.

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Our organic mattress protector from cotton is so soft and elegant, your sheets will love you for this. This washable cotton mattress pad provides a layer that is safe and healthy compared to polyester based ones.


The best organic cotton mattress pad!


We use cotton flannel in our mattress pad that is jersey style hence is absolutely soft on the skin. This would be similar to your high-quality cotton sleep wear (vs polyester base) but just a bit more thick and 100% organic.


Our cotton mattress protectors quickly absorb any liquid in terms of sweat, moisture or natural accidents, before it gets deeper into your mattress. There is no natural fiber that is fully liquid resistant, given its cotton this is not water proof.


There is no trapped heat generated unlike polyester based bed pads, our organic mattress pad stays the same and is very comfortable in winter or summer.  There is none of the crinkling plastic backing sound or feeling that you get from waterproof mattress pad. 


The mattress protector has a nice stitching pattern that gives it an elegant touch, did we mention that it is made in a GOTS certified textile centre (USA). The hemmed edges and the curved corner helps keeps everything together and retains a modern finish to a handmade organic mattress protector.


A deep 15" pocket with full elastic around the bottom for an easy fit. These side stitched holders stretch to fit tall and protect higher profile mattress quite well. This design helps it stay tighter instead of elastic panels that may be shorter or longer than the mattress height.


This washable cotton mattress pad can be cleaned in your regular washing machine. It is preferable to line dry but it can be tumble dried as well at low heat. As the pad is oversized, it may shrink but will still fit your bed. We recommend washing your cotton mattress protectors at least monthly if not more regularly.

If you are need of a thicker layer of mattress protection for spills common with kids, pets, etc. then you can pair this with our Organic wool filled mattress pad. If you have purchased or read about our organic cotton mattress then you already know that cotton helps to pick up the liquids while wool repels and moves moisture out. We have found that when these protectors are used together, a cup of any liquid can be absorbed before it reaches below.



Sacha F 09/19/2018
Amazing covers to match the mattress

The dimensions of everything I ordered were spot on and all the covers were simply amazing.

    Gulati S. 01/22/2018
    Very soft

    Our son sleeps on this and it is comfortable. It does absorb a lot of accidents but not all of it, we knew this before buying that its not like a plastic protector.

      Kalpana s 05/12/2016
      Soft Cotton

      This is a great addition to my existing mattress!

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      Organic Mattress protector | 100% cotton only.

      Organic Mattress protector | 100% cotton only.

      Our organic mattress protector from cotton is so soft and elegant, your sheets will love you for this. This washable cotton mattress pad provides a layer that is safe and healthy compared to polyester based ones.

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      Why Bed and Wood

      Latex mattress queen 

      1. Fully transparent- We hide nothing and are passionate about natural sleep materials. 
      2. Reversible mattresses to suit different sleep styles. 
      3. One of the few mattresses that thin 5" in either latex or cotton.
      4. Mattress with wool or with natural fire sock, so you can decide how your natural preference.
      5. We keep our margins low and prices very competitive to help you afford a superior quality product.
      6. All  mattress are made in  USA. Our cotton wool mattress comes with the most complete organic certifications in the industry.

      Organic materials, certifications of all our mattress

      USDA Organic Cotton, wool, and latex. Organic LatexGlobal Organic Latex Standard.Non GMOCotton, Latex and Wool.Organic woolWool.Texas organic cottonCotton, where its grown.

      We mention in our product if it is fully organic, the above indicate authenticity for those products.