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Pillow filled with kapok
  • Pillow filled with kapok
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Kapok Pillow with Organic cotton.

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Pure Kapok pillow with an organic cotton fabric, imported from South India. Kapok pillow is an ideal replacement for your duck feather, polyester fill and foam pillows.


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Kapok Pillow is uniquely premium and highly reviewed.

Natural Kapok is a fantastic fiber, new to most people but it makes high-grade sleeping products due to the variety of benefits. When combined with organic cotton, this creates a natural pillow with a fine touch of class and right blend of sleeping support. Kapok is a soft natural fiber, it is softer than feather and does not have the hard poking effect of down pillows. We generously layer kapok fibers to ensure the pillows are supportive as much as they are soft. Most of the foam filled pillows generate heat and are made in polymer factories, trust nature to provide you the best source for your sleep. This can be specially be ideal for children or adults conscious of their health and footprint.

Is Kapok a form of Cotton ?

Kapok fill in a pillow

Kapok fiber is known in South India as Illavum Panjuh or Silk Cotton, its wrapped inside the husk like fruit of the kapok tree (ceiba pentandra). It is not related to cotton and has five times the density of cotton. Surprisingly it is one of the lightest natural fibers available for commercial use. Just like wool, these fibers are also thermally adept keeping your body cold or warm

How does it compare to the foam pillows?

soft kapok

Besides being a natural fill compared to mass foam pillows, the cellulosic fibers of kapok are naturally hypoallergenic, resistant to mites and dust. They are just like wool and naturally repel moisture, making the growth of mold, microorganisms tough to sustain. Kapok pillows are made with hand adding to the charm, a definte premium upgrade to any foam based pillow.

Fantastic properties of Kapok.

rubber tree

Organic Kapok pillows comprise of lustrous, yellowish brown fibers with a composition of 64% cellulose, 13% lignin and 23% pentosan. Cellulose has a lot of advantages being inexhaustible, adept for easy processing, renewable, biodegradable and bio-compatible. It also has a coating of waterproof wax cutin on the fiber surface. All of these make filling in Kapok pillows to be moisture-resistant, buoyant, resilient, soft, but maintaining its structural strength.

Kapok pillows can reduce chemicals inhaled, generated.

Kapok fibers

Research has proven that non-natural pillows can cause reproductive problems and neurological development issues through chemicals and toxic materials in its layers. Kapok grows naturally in tropical forests without any need for chemical treatment providing a safe option for a night full of healthy breathing. It is wild harvested and available without the use of fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides.

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