30 Nights free trialNew
90 day exchange 

  • Our reversible natural latex mattresses can be returned worry free within a period of 30 nights.
  • For our organic cotton mattress and organic latex mattress, you can exchange within 90 days.
  • There will be a 30% disposal fee for our organic cotton fill mattress as this will be sent to recycling directly.
  • Just to assure you of Bed and Woods premium build organic cotton mattress-
    • we provide a mini-sample as an option to purchase
    • this cost is offset against your mattress purchase at anytime in the future  
  • Remember - it takes 15 days for the body to adapt to any new sleep surface.
  • Return shipping to our facility in Virginia is not included in our free trial or 90 day exchange. 

10 Year MattressNew

  • We provide a 10-year limited warranty for all our organic mattress, pillows, pads and natural latex toppers against defective products.
  • We will refund the amount left on your product. Eg., If your product has been used for 6 years, the remaining 4 years worth of the original invoice will be refunded to you.
  • Threads, pilling, normal body contouring, tufting changes and stretching of fabrics are considered cosmetic flaws  in the mattress industry and not covered under this warranty.
  • Care instructions need to be followed, any stains will make this warranty null and void. Prepaid label, if you require shipping help, will be deducted from your refund. 

With Bed and Wood, you can rest easy in every way!