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Awake in bed, you are not alone!

Consider this- Over your lifetime, you will likely put in around 26 years sleeping!

Furthermore, that does exclude any of the other time you may spend there. Is it your food, your nocturnal sleep habits?  Should you be turning off your screen and reading your book an hour before slumber time? 

1. You are not alone, most women sleep worse!

Do you have trouble falling asleep when your partner is in snores just a few minutes after hitting the bed?
Do you have worries and tensions from the day bothering you?

Sleep disorders are one of the most common issues in America. While this obviously does not solve the problem, it provides enough support community and research proposition to solve this.

A detailed research was conducted by Sleep Foundation specifically on women and issues related to sleep.

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2. Gender is important for sleep, are you really sure?

Many research articles seemed to indicate women sleep longer and this has not been proved as to why. After all, women after marriage and especially those with young kids spend more time than men doing chores and work outside of their employment.

This has now further explored by a research from Population Studies Center, University of Michigan.

They tackled this topic from a scientific approach, arriving at the fact that gender gap in sleep time favoring women is relatively small for most comparisons. The finding were interesting to say the least, maybe controversial too- Home responsibilities or personal roles and time was the primary factor of sleep time

So the daddy who does more house chores is likely snoring more.

So what do we do- it is more important in our fast paced worlds that we realize how time can be apportioned to slow down or divide responsibilities. This will have a good impact on your sleep, the less small things you need to worry about- the better will be your sleep.

3. #WeLoveChemicals#

There are more noxious chemicals in our ecosystem than there was 5 years back!  Body of research continues to evolve to prove that the human health quality is deteriorating but we live longer through medical interventions. 

We wear perfumes for 7 hours a day and in equal measures we sleep on mattresses for 7 hours. In today's bed in the box craze, most of the mattress are priced cheaper for one reason- the memory foams! Springs, coils and chemical foams are inexpensive but are sold hyped up for a price.  Ava Anderson  writes in the Huff Post that more than- 

95 percent of the chemicals in synthetic fragrances are derived from petrochemicals.

There is enough evidence on the impact of chemicals in our food, that organic and free range practices are now common but its not yet seeped into other parts of lifestyle. 
The more dangerous part was during pregnancy as per Washington Post,  mothers that inhaled chemicals had kids with 6% lower IQ,

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Any product made from petrochemicals has a danger of producing VoC and noxious fumes, so this is across all our lifestyle consumption. The common sense approach would be to ensure your perfume that you wear and the mattress you sleep when the body is inhaling directly, should be as chemical free as possible. 

Would your organic cotton mattress help make it better? Maybe. At least it can provide your 6 hour sleep with no chemicals.

Although it does not have to be organic, if affordability is an issue then a natural latex mattress with a very thin fire barrier instead of wool can be used to reduce cost. In the end, its not just sleep habits but all other areas of your home and work environment that you or others populate with chemicals.

4. The invasion of electronic devices

In an alarming research -  95% respondents indicated they were on a mobile or tablet one hour before sleep time.

Combine it with the fact that melatonin, our sleep hormone,  reduces 50% when engaging with such electronic screens.

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While the Nobel prize for circadian rhythm caught the science world by surprise, it was very timely in the way humans are including these gadgets into their life style. It has been proven multiple times that the cycles of natural sleep are disturbed vastly by such devices. The light emitted is also not the most friendly to help get into night time rest. 

Overall, this is not an easy topic for which solutions can be provided. The best solution is always the need to understand what is the core issue for you. The other could be to eliminate risk like chemicals in your daily life to ensure there are no endocrinal issues for you or your kids. 

As always consulting a medical professional is wise, as we continue to find more research this post will be refreshed. Feel free to leave a comment if this helped you. 

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