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Everything about latex mattress in 4 minutes.

How important is a mattress suiting your posture for your sleep ?

To start with the obvious, to get a good 7-8 hours of rest, one needs to find the most comfortable mattress that matches your posture and sleep pattern. With the multiple choices and noisy advertising these days, it can be very confusing to know where to go. After the whole day of hard work, your body needs rest and these mattresses will need to do its share of providing the best comfort and support for your body.

This might seem too obvious and biased but we love latex, here us out on why that is based on pure science

  • It has a remarkable advantage over every other mattress as they will make you sleep in a perfect contour to get you to relax and help you with body ache and all other joint pain. It's is also totally breathable eco foam mattressbecause of its exceptional cell structure.  The other mattress leave out dangerous fumes which is not a case with organic latex mattress.
  • With a natural latex mattress, longevity is a given .. just buy it and forget about it. It will last longer than any other mattress in the market. Most latex mattress tend to last up to 20 years and maintain their bounce, firmness for almost throughout this tenure. In fact, we have heard older generations using the same latex mattress for beyond 40 years
  • The other key feature of the natural latex foam is that it can be made in any size or shape and firmness. You can choose the firmness from soft, medium, firm, extra firm or super firm. The firmness is measure by density of latex and there are two main methods of measuring this. We recommend going with 75 ILD or 32 D firmness which is medium-high firm. If you and your sleep partner have different preferences, go with a flip able mattress so you can have firm and softer options. The best thing about natural latex is, they won't sink in like synthetic latex and stay firm.
  • Does it emanate fumes like petrochemical ones? Organic latex mattresses are eco-friendly and totally natural. Most Dunlop latex from South East Asia are almost organic due to the lack of chemicals used. We prefer to recommend just natural latex in Dunlop method instead of organic latex despite being able to provide both options. There is anyway no petrochemical foam in there that can cause hypersensitive reaction or rashes.
  • Allergy no entry- These mattresses are hypoallergenic, means it’s a good choice for anyone who is suffering from allergies.  Because of its purity standard, it becomes a must purchase for the person who has extra needs around hygiene or have health concerns. These mattresses are naturally dust mite proof and antimicrobial and mildew resistance.

In terms of flammability, synthetic ones catch fire easily and one or more cases suggest that its actual fuel to the fire. Organic latex mattresses are better at flammability as they absorb moisture and contain a protein named kerton which slows down the process of burning. In the US, all mattress need to have flammability protection and sometimes a slower burning foam helps have lesser fire retardant in the mattress

Its durable, breathable, customisable, helps with allergy and most of all its totally natural. A natural latex mattress is the best choice for you, for long-term health and good night sleep.

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