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At the top of the mattress pyramid is latex .. and its easy to see why.

Is Latex mattress really worth the hype, you bet!

A normal person spends one-third of their time sleeping and it's obviously important that they get good rest. 
There are many types of the mattress in the market at a cheap price that can give you temporary satisfaction of scoring a great deal but there is a reason why its inexpensive. Most foam spring based mattress provide you the height by replacing mass with air. Think of it this way, do you see a car tire that fills up with air and when there is a hole it falls flat- mattress are similar. When you have petrochemical foam or memory foam that spring to life from a box, it is because it fills with air. A good mattress is something that needs to have volume, material to fill space.
This is where you score for longer when you go with natural materials, latex or cotton. Latex for sure trumps when it comes to longevity and firmness.
Here are some of the point might interest you
  •  Natural and organic latex is made from the natural rubber tree. Dunlop method contains no chemical agent that can affect the nature in any way. These mattresses have less carbon footprint so for the people who are looking to buy eco-friendly material, add this to your list.
  • Average latex matters last 12 years, that’s just minimum number any company can show. These matters have a longer lifespan. People have been claiming to use single latex bedding for more than 2 decades.
  • An organic and natural latex mattress is very responsive. The mattress which adapts its original form in a matter of less time is most preferable. Hence they can give you full comfort.
  • These mattresses are known to be best for relaxing and sleeping as they support the body more efficiently. When anyone sleeps, their body needs to be in perfect position to get perfect rest and these mattresses can provide the best durability and firmness to acquire that comfort level.
  • Latex is as you would expect bugs, dust mites and all another kind of bacteria resistance. For people with allergies, this comes with hypoallergenic, meaning it won't has anything to trigger any allergies. It’s an important issue as a normal person can sleep 8 hours a day; their bed needs to be more hygienic.
  • Most of the foam, spring based mattresses provide good comfort at the initial stage but later on, they all sink in and make it difficult to sleep comfortably. On the other hand, latex mattresses always retain their shape and firmness for a longer period of time.
  • One common factor in every mattress is the odor they spread. Other mattresses are made from a petrochemical compound which can create gases which are harmful and malodorous. Natural latex made from all natural and organic compound without any noxious gases or odor.
 Natural latex mattress is known also for chiropractic affect on the body, it helps pain release from body and joints. Flippable latex mattress also provide you firmness you desire for you and your partner so you are not stuck with one firmness only. The best mattresses are those which can eliminate all the harmful elements of petrochemical foams and give you satisfying rest that suits your sleep position.
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