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What is in your latex, is it worth your investment?

Latex mattresses have garnered much hype in the recent years. ‘Why?’ You might ask.

While their firmness, longevity are the main reasons to be given credit for this, there’s more to  latex mattresses than just that. There are various reasons why natural latex mattress is superior to synthetic latex or foams available on the market. We shall have a look at various features and parameters that make natural latex one of the best ‘green’ options because, well, you need to make the right purchase, don’t you? Let us examine the 4 essential features of natural latex right here:

 Natural latex comfort

flaticons.comAll Sustainable/Natural Make

While there are several kinds of mattresses that are organic in nature, the pureness is deemed compromising either on natural sustainability or on the life of mattresses. With zero chemical inclusions and its properties, natural latex is the perfect material for mattresses on its own, without any additives or chemical mixing whatsoever.

Anti-dust/Anti-Bacterial properties

  Research has proven across mattress on the hygiene benefit of natural latex. This is an unique trait demonstrated only by dunlop latex. Latex is naturally a deterrent for bacterial formation and is rarely allergic. Due to its deterrence to microbes, it is a much healthier replacement for synthetic as well as other natural mattress options for longer periods of time.



flexible firm mattressEnhanced Elasticity and Fluffiness

When compared to other materials that have green qualities, natural latex is the one with the most pronounced elastic properties and fluffiness/buoyancy. Without being too soft and/or firm, a natural latex topper on a natural cotton mattress can be a standalone solution that simply works without any drawbacks.

Unbeatable Comfort flaticons

Comfort is the top priority for most of us when it comes to our mattress purchase. This is also the criterion in which natural latex mattresses shine through. When going for organic and/or natural mattresses, buyers make up their mind by compromising in certain aspects.  Natural latex has changed that the equation completely changes as there is longevity, bounce and varying depths that can accommodate individual comfort as well as bringing in all elements of any traditional spring mattress.


The above points are, no doubt, reinstatement of the significance of natural latex topper or dunlop latex mattress. Purchases are not always rational and we trust brand names more than what is in the product. As an end user, it will only benefit you by paying attention to the source of the product and the reliability of the seller. 


Always look for Natural Latex in your mattress instead of synthetic latex or petroleum products such as memory foams.
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