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51 Tips to better sleep

Getting a great night's sleep is one of the essential things for the overall health of your body. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can lead to a series of conditions including high blood pressure, depression and heart disease.

An important element in getting a great night rest after the stressful hours is having a good mattress. Considering the fact that an average person spends about 24 years asleep in his lifetime, it is worth taking into consideration.

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, there is no one size fits all.

However, if you ever wanted to know how to sleep better, these 51 practical sleep improvement tactics will show you how. Following these great tips, a great night's sleep awaits you.


  1. For proper comfort and support if you mostly sleep on your back and stomach, make use of firm mattress tops.
  2. If you desire to relieve pressure throughout your body as you sleep, sleep on plush layer mattress.
  3. Side sleepers who want to enjoy the softness and texture of a mattress while sleeping should sleep on pillow top mattress layers.
  4. Individuals allergic to substances like dust mites will sleep better on latex mattress. Latex mattresses also retains less heat which gives you a cooling feeling making you sleep better.
  5. High-loft and extra firm pillow type is suitable for side sleepers to keep their spine straight.
  6. A breathable thinner low-loft pillow type that doesn’t retain heat will help to keep stomach sleepers cool.
  7. Keep head and neck as straight as possible in the midline position.
  8. Your bedroom should be as dark as possible for maximum sleep satisfaction.
  9. Have a good nap for about 20 minutes in the early hours of afternoon.
  10. Spend more time outside during the day therefore exposing yourself to enough sunlight.
  11. Allow enough sunlight into your home and office. Make sure you keep curtains and windows open to allow enough light in.
  12. During winter days, using a light therapy box which replaces sunlight might be essential.
  13. Avoid staying up to watch television late into the night.
  14. Keep the bright screen lights of mobile phones away between 1 to 2 hours before sleep as it may be disruptive.
  15. Endeavor to have a great exercise as exercise stimulates a good night rest.
  16. Coffees are meant to keep you active during the day. Avoid taking coffee or other caffeine products before going to bed.
  17. Smoking before bedtime is also not beneficial as nicotine is a stimulant.
  18. Take light meals for dinner as heavy meals  increases the metabolic rate and thus interfering with your sleep.
  19. High water or liquid intake before sleep leads to frequent urination, affecting your sleep cycle.
  20. Avoid intake of a lot of sugary foods like white bread as it stimulates alertness and wakefulness.
  21. Taking a warm bath after a stressful day at work makes you relax and have a great sleep.
  22. Listen to a cool music as your relax all your muscles as you can makes you sleep better.
  23. Do a quiet non-stimulating activity to wind up and relax your mind.
  24. Avoid stressing your head and ensure to make relaxation your goal and not sleep.
  25. Try a leg pillow to align your hips to prevent lower back pain.
  26. Block the clock as staring at it might induce stress and frustration.
  27. Saving your bed for sleep and sex alone makes your bed relaxing and comforting.
  28. Avoid watching televisions, working, browsing the net, eating or playing on bed.
  29. Make sure your bedroom has the perfect temperature for sleep which is normally between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  30. Avoid irregularities in sleeping time as it makes it difficult for your brain to set a sleep clock.
  31. Install an app that blocks the blue light from Android and Iphone.
  32. Avoid irregular or long napping during the day. This might make your sleepy during the day and also make it difficult falling asleep at night.
  33. Taking a melatonin supplement as prescribed by a physician is beneficial in improving sleep quality.
  34. Avoid consuming a couple of alcoholic drinks at night as it might lead to snoring and irregular sleep patterns.
  35. Practice deep breathing and visualization before bed, this clears your mind and makes you sleep better.
  36. Set an alarm to go to bed as this assists in creating a sleep schedule for you.
  37. Resist the urge to snooze the alarm as it could bring good sleeping benefits as snoozing affects REM sleep.
  38. Wearing a clean pair of socks before going to bed speeds up the sleeping process, making you fall asleep quickly.
  39. The color of your bedroom should be a relaxing and calm color. Paint with a matte finish rather than a gloss finish.
  40. While it is advisable to keep your bedroom quiet, don't make it too quiet as every pin drop becomes disruptive to your sleep.
  41. Keep pets away in order to have a better sleep regardless of how much you love cuddling. A tail wag might disrupt sleep as well as furry animals can trigger allergies.
  42. When sleeping on shared beds, use separate blankets. If you are concerned about how your partner will feel, use a single comforter.
  43. Go through your thoughts today, prepare and plan for tomorrow before going to bed  improves sleep quality.
  44. Sweet smells like that of lavender creates a calming feeling in your bedroom and helps you fall asleep more easily.
  45. Writing down what's on your mind or a to-do list might be helpful if clearing your mind seems impossible.
  46. Munching on magnesium rich foods like pumpkin seeds can help deal with insomnia, making you sleep better.
  47. A cup of chamomile tea which is an anxiety reliever can also help in improving sleep quality.
  48. Sleeping for extra hours to make use for the lost sleep of previous nights assists in getting you in shape.
  49. Don't toss and turn on the bed if you have trouble sleeping. Instead, get up from bed to another room or do something relaxing.
  50. Take fresh herbs like sage and basil as they contain chemicals that are tension relievers and thus promoting sleep.
  51. Add lean protein and unsaturated fats  like low-fat cheese and fish  to your diet as they increase serotonin levels and therefore improve sleep quality.

Alongside nutrition and exercise, sleep is also a determinant of an individuals overall health. Have a great sleep to improve productivity as sleep has a huge effect on how you feel throughout the day.

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