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Understanding why latex is used in mattress

Natural latex mattresses have garnered much hype over the past few years. ‘Why?’ You might ask. While their ‘green’ qualities are the first to be given credit for this, there’s more to natural latex mattresses than just that.  You probably know the best tips to sleep well, if not this will help refresh before focussing on the mattress.

There are many parameters that make natural latex one of the best ‘green’ options because, well, you need to make the right purchase? You should really know the top 4 essential features -

  1.     Enhanced Elasticity and Fluffiness
    When compared to other materials that have green qualities, natural latex is the one with the most pronounced elastic properties and fluffiness/buoyancy. Without being too soft and/or firm, a latex topper is a standalone solution that simply works without any compromises.
  2.     All Sustainable/Natural Make
    While there are several kinds of mattresses that are organic in nature, the pureness is deemed compromising either on natural sustainability or on the life of mattresses. With zero chemical inclusions and its properties, natural latex is the perfect material for mattresses on its own, without any additives or chemical mixing whatsoever.
  3.     Anti-dust/Anti-Bacterial Tendencies
    Okay. Here’s another unique trait demonstrated by natural latex that makes it stand out. Latex is naturally a deterrent for bacterial formation and is rarely allergic. Due to its deterrence to microbes, it is a much healthier replacement for synthetic as well as other natural mattress options for longer periods of time.
  4.     Uncompromised Comfort
    Comfort is the top priority for most of us when it comes to our mattress purchase. This is also the criterion in which natural latex mattresses shine through. When going for organic and/or natural options, buyers make up their mind on compromising in certain aspects as compared to comfy synthetic mattresses. But enter latex, and the equation completely changes as there are no such compromises to be made when going green! This also clarifies as to why this specific type has generated so much buzz.

The above points are, no doubt, reinstatements of the significance of natural latex toppers. But, purchases are still not as simple as they might seem. When going for purchase, end users also need to factor-in the source of the product and the reliability of the seller. Actually, there are various methods of obtaining latex, with Dunlop being the most reliable and oldest method for obtaining firmer mattresses. Personal preferences play a huge role in this selection, and hence you will need to consider all the options with your retailer before taking the plunge.

In a nutshell, if you have decided on going green without making any compromises, natural latex toppers are probably the best way to go about it. Buyers looking for the best natural latex topper options, we have a mattress at 4" that is as good as a topper. Whether you do a thin mattress or a regualr 9" mattress, latex will last you a very very long time!