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Why buy a natural mattress vs foam mattress

Customers calls are the best, they are informative and revealing to how much the world needs natural foams. If you are new to this blog and want to see other aspects of buying an online mattress, also check out this Buzzfeed post.

Coming back to our topic of why chose a natural mattress over foam, let me take you back a decade. It was the first day of spring, many months after we had bought our memory foam that we decided to do the good old heave-ho of a fairly pricey product. 

There is no lie, the invitation of sleeping on foam that contoured to your body and captured your position is difficult to resist.

The added lure of buying something that came out a space program from NASA ™ was sufficient to get us into the purchase.

The foam itself was fairly uneventful in its arrival and in fact quite impactful by negatively affecting our air quality with its smell. The fact that something so small could expand to a king size foam was like a schoolkid watching a chemistry experiment.  It even stayed very fancy in its utility and fiercely protected in terms of which side we will sleep on.

All that novelty died down in a few months when we realized this was not helping much either in terms of sleep quality or in terms of added comfort. The pain that we had on sleeping on foam and spring mattresses was enough to get us into action. A few weeks later, we were sleeping on our dunlop natural latex mattress and have not looked back since.

Other customers have similar stories-

there is one where our suppliers farmers tell us that his 90+ year old grandmother continues to sleep on the same latex mattress.

There is a couple who have been sleeping on natural latex for 30+ years and never realised its value until they swapped for another foam mattress.

There are one unqiue customer who went from natural to natural- who after sleeping on cotton mattresses felt that adding a layer of latex foam helped their sleep better. 

Every story ends with the natural awakening of fresh energy and the feeling  of resting completely.   What was your experience with the memory foam and your reason  for natural? Let us know.