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FAQAnswers for your Questions

When will we get our mattress?

Your mattress will typically be processed and shipped in 1-3 weeks. Pillows and covers/pads ship more quickly. You will receive an email once the order is shipped and normally not require a signature.

How heavy will the mattress shipment be?

Natural materials do not crumple down like foams, hence our beds will roll to the length of the bed mostly 80" long. Depending on the thickness, our beds can weigh from 75lbs to 150 lbs. We recommend getting help in moving boxes, at this time we do not offer white glove service.

Why are your delivery times longer?

Usually mattresses that are mass manufactured and include man made foam/springs, can be assembled in a few days. You read about what we offer. Our natural mattress are mostly handmade, this process takes time and attention just like everything else made in nature.

Why do you not use memory or other foams?

Most, if not all, foams emanate from petrochemicals and are likely formulated in laboratories. Humans have been sleeping on natural beds for thousands of years showing great progress in their waking hours. Foams are great for industrial usage but not something we recommend you sleep on at this point of our human existence.

Do I need to wait to air my mattress or for it to expand?

Natural mattress does not require any airing to remove noxious smells or expand with air. It is just like any clothing product buy; you can use it immediately.

What are in the layers of my mattress?

Our Information page has all the details of the filling and ticking (outer cover) we use in our products

Where is your mattress manufactured?

Our suppliers manufacture and procure materials all made in the US. If there are products not made in the US due to lack of product availability, we mention it in the product description.

Can I exchange my bed?

Yes, of course please visit our Returns and Warranty section! We can gladly help with your purchase to avoid this.

Do you have one bed that suits everyone?

If everyone loved their soup just right and only too hot or cold or everyone liked the same season. It helps to have a choice and we provide the best nature made choices.

How do I select the best bed for me or the most ideal one?

A simple rule is Cotton / Wool become softer with use while Latex starts and stays firm. A thinner bid with a good base will give you a firm bed, a thicker bed pad will give you more luxurious feeling.

Can toddlers jump on your mattress?

Our mattress are filled with natural fibers that resist as much jumping and use as you can expect, we would worry about the bed frame than the mattress.

Do you provide white glove shipping?

At this point we do not provide white glove shipping and only have door delivery via major carriers.

How should we lay or support our mattress?

We recommend always laying a natural mattress on a wooden surface with firm slats or boards that have gaps to support airflow (resist bacteria). Slats that are sturdy in the middle frame are crucial to support the weight on top without bowing or bending leading to body pain or mattress defects. There are newer box springs as well that have both strength and airflow characteristics.

What care should we take for natural mattress after buying?

Natural mattress of cotton and wool are best if you flip and/or rotate once a month This will discourage body impressions and increase the life of your mattress. Lay your mattress in the sun twice a year when it’s expected to be full sunny (no moisture). This is an excellent method to get the materials especially cotton and wool to fluff better and rise. This method is also a natural, chemical free way to eliminate mites and mildew spores.

Latex mattress should not be exposed to sunlight

How different is natural mattress from other mattress?

Mattress (as per government guidelines) means a ticking filled with a resilient material used alone or in combination with other products intended or promoted for sleeping upon.

Foam mattresses are mostly petrochemical products. Spring mattress have steel spring of different sizes, again it is an industrialised product not used before 50 years. Our is pure natural fibers, there are other phrases used worldwide like Gaddha, Shikibuton, Futon, etc that are similar to what we provide.

Do you ship outside the contiguous states?

We do not ship internationally and free shipping does not apply to Alaska and Hawaii. An adjustment will be made to your order if you place from these locations to reflect increase shipping.

Do you provide payment help?

No, we do not yet have any payment or financing options available.

What is the mattress recycling fee on the order checkout?

This fee is collected by MRC which is a non-profit organization set up to reduce illegal dumping and increase recycling of used mattresses. Please find more information at - http://mattressrecyclingcouncil.org/mrc-in-your-state/